Joining the big leagues of BioThings with the latest updates


MyChem has been steadily improving behind the scenes, but has always been like the ignored younger sibling of and Although MyChem finally obtained a beautiful front end on par with that of it's more mature and popular siblings, that beautiful June improvement couldn't hide one of the sources of's inferiority complex--the lack of decent documentation.


With the BioThings Client release and this latest update, is finally ready to proudly join it's older siblings in the race to serve your annotation needs. The latest update adds documentation to the site so you can readily see the available parameters, data sources, most recent data updates and more.

Want to know which chemical resources have annotations in See the Chemical Annotation data which includes a handy-dandy table of data sources as well a list of all the fields available in

Ready to put to work? Try out the live api now to search for annotations on over 96 million chemical entities.